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Rumblings & Bumblings: Beverly Hills Park, Del Rey Lot, Mt. Olympus Party

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A round-up of questions from the public! Please contribute and offer your words of wisdom in response-- leave a comment or email us at Answers, if any, posted on Thursday.

1.) Beverly Hills: Some people look at a space and envision a park. Such as this fellow: "What's with that wasted green (brown) space between Santa Monica Blvd. and Civic Center Drive in Beverly Hills? It would be the most perfect park. Will it sit rotting and idle forever?"

2.) Del Rey: More questions about vacant lots on the Westside. A reader writes; "Any info about the vacant lot on Culver just east of Inglewood, in the Del Rey neighborhood?"

3.) Mt. Olympus: With a lack of police officers in Los Angeles, it's nice to know the ones we do have are forced to spend their time breaking up parties with helicopters and megaphones. "Have you heard anything about a party/event house up in Mt. Olympus this weekend? I live closer to Runyon Canyon but I could see and hear that huge round house at juts out of the mountain directly above the top of Fairfax Ave having parties all weekend. They had huge spotlights that they were beaming all over Hollywood and I could hear the music lyrics when the wind was right. They had parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I'm thinking it must be some sort of corporate-sponsored party house? At around 3am on Sunday morning I could see a police helicopter hovering over the house and trying to get them to be quiet with a megaphone."