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Ask Curbed: How To Quiet A Neighbor Getting Her Freak On

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An extremely delicate reader is bothered by the sweet sounds of lovemaking and - dear god! - has lost an hour of sleep. What to do? We know a few people who would pay good money to be in his position. And who hasn't at some point been awakened by a neighbor's moans, groans, or heavy breathing? A reader writes: "My neighbors in the apartment above mine moved out of the country and the niece of the husband apparently moved in to hold their spot while they are gone. The management knows about this, and I honestly had no issues until last night (actually early this morning). At 4:30 this morning, we awoke to repetitive squeaking from above that can only come from one thing. Apparently I awoke to the climax, because shortly after realizing what was going on, the couple took a break before starting up again at about 5am. Apparently their window was open as well, because we were also forced to listen to the couple's moans of pleasure. After I used a broom to bang on my ceiling and let them know I could hear them downstairs, they must have shut the window because the moaning went away.

I haven't had this issue since I was in college, when I used to spend time in the student dorms and lived in a fraternity house.

I think the niece has lived in the apartment for a month or so and this is the first time this has happened. Anyways, I'm extremely tired at work today after being forced awake for an hour this morning before my alarm went off. What should I do to make sure this never happens again?"