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Marina Arts District: Warehouse-y

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Once a "no man's land," Marina Arts District (also known as the Marina Loft District, the Del Rey Arts District, and SoCo, a nod to the Costco store, respectively) gets profiled in the New York Times. Despite concerns about the market (as previously mentioned on Curbed, it does look like new area development Glencoe Lofts is going rental), developers are doing their best to create a hipster oasis via industrial designs, ie, buildings that evoke warehouses. "The developers envision an urban enclave of writers, artists and other creative, work-at-home types who are looking for more contemporary housing, walkable neighborhoods that are close to the beach and lower prices than can be found nearby in Venice and Santa Monica." Not mentioned in the story: How those creative types are dealing with that Lincoln Blvd traffic! [NY Times]