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New to Market: Cozy Los Feliz Triplex

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Any real estate savvy person will tell you one of the best approaches to home ownership is to buy a home with another unit attached and rent it out to help pay your mortgage. Well, if you're the type of person that can be a landlord--and not everyone is cut out to be one--perhaps you'll want to consider moving into this Los Feliz triplex. From looking at the outside, it's pretty amazing to think there are three units here. For anyone who wants to keep up in the gallery and understand the layout, the the first unit ends the white bed, and second unit also ends with a shot of a white bed. The owner's house is 865 square feet and the two front units are 731 and 734 square feet (v. cozy), and the whole place is listed at $799,000.
· Triplex in Los Feliz [Official Site]