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Broker BlogWrap: The Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Takeover

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1) Failure of Public-Private Experiment: Phyllis Harb of the LA Real Estate blog says the jury is still out on what the Fannie/Freddie failure means for us all in the long term. But in the interim the takeover "may result in (slightly) lower interest rates." [LAREB]

2) Look at My Smiling Face: Chris Hain at Terra Firma LA all but does a jig with bubbly in hand at the news of the government takeover. His smiling realtor face gets even more smiley. "...when you consider the tremendous benefit this will have on the economy, this action is a tremendous investment for U.S. taxpayers in the future of our economy... This also means the fall in home prices will be shorter and not as severe as it would have been without this action." [Terra Firma LA]

3) Buy Now in the SFV: Realtor Richard Johnson of one of the SFV Real estate blogs sees a silver lining that may finally end the doldrums of the San Fernando Valley real estate market. "I'm hopping the governments actions will allow more people to borrow money to purchase a home here in the San Fernando Valley. The reason our real estate market has been declining is because getting a home loan has been virtually impossible for ordinary home-buyers." [SFVREB]
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