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Big Week for LA's Billboards, Signs, And Flashing Ads

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A blog posting on the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight notes this is a particularly big week for all things related to signs, billboards, and flashing lights: Tomorrow, the City Council Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee will consider a move that ultimately would rewrite the city’s sign ordinance; on Wednesday, the City Council will consider that proposal to sell electronic rights to the L.A. Convention Center; on Thursday, the City Planning Commission will consider an ordinance designed to address the "recent abuse of a provision allowing new billboards and signs to be erected in supplemental use districts." All those potential forthcoming lights and neon signs making you feel jittery? Soothe yourself by gazing upon the above proposal that won first place in a design competition earlier this year; more information about these guys after the jump.

These green billboards were proposed by TODO Design and DAS Studios; more via Inhabitat: "Billboards are designed as monological messages aimed at a target audience zipping past in cars in a defined direction, such as a one way street. As the flip sides of the billboards are not designed to market to a pedestrian or community scaled audience, often appearing as blight on the landscape. Garden Spots proposes to exploit them to provide gardens in the sky, a place for nature to take root and to provide relief to the community."
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