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CurbedWire: High Place in Santa Monica, Viridian Prices Dropping?

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SANTA MONICA: There's a meeting tomorrow night for residents living around the proposed High Place East/West development, new planned affordable housing at 1959 High Place and 2349 Virginia Avenue. The project will consist of 45 condominiums and 47 apartments. "High Place is proposed to be vacated and replaced with a new 22-foot wide alley located along the north side of the development. Both projects will take vehicular access from Virginia Avenue via the new alley that would connect to an existing alley which also provides access to the off-street parking areas of the apartment buildings on Cloverfield Boulevard." For those who didn't go to planning school, requesting a street vacation essentially means you are asking that the city turn over the street to a private landowner. The PDF for the project is here. [Curbed Staff]

MID-WILSHIRE: The chatter about Viridian, that new rental next to 5600 Wilshire, never ends. A reader writes: "Something interesting... I was looking at the Viridian's Web site on Friday and it said that 1br apartments started at $3,669. On Saturday, I looked again and it lists prices as starting at $3,099. Clerical error or price reductions already? Strange..." Have prices dropped? Does our reader need glasses? An email has been sent to reps for the Viridian, demanding explanation. [Curbed InBox]