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Ask Curbed: Ants In My Echo Park Rental

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It's Ask Curbed, Animal Planet edition. Following the recent questions about flies and mosquitoes, comes word of a new threat: Ants. Next week, all questions will tackle fish and fowl. But for now: "hi curbed, i saw the downtown mosquito question and thought i'd see if any of your readers had ideas on how to get rid of those tiny ants that come every year to Echo Park. last year, i bought ORTHO MAX, but i think they have developed a resistance to it because that doesn't work this time around. it's to the point i can't even cook because they show up in giant masses to look for crumbs. they are even in my bedroom and in my bed...ideas on how to get rid of them? could i ask my landlord to do something, too, like a big bug spray bomb? tx"