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Famous Wilshire Cadillac Showroom Now In Car Heaven

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With apartment complex Avalon Bay looming in the background, the demolition of Lou Ehlers Cadillac at 5151 Wilshire Boulevard looks nearly complete. Car dealership BMW owns both this site (forthcoming is an auto service center and offices) and the site across the street (the famously messy Bob's Big Boy site will be the BMW showroom). It looks like the Los Angeles Conservancy tried to intervene in saving the Cadillac site. Via their web site: "..Conservancy contacted Sonic to request a meeting to discuss alternatives to demolition. Our call was not returned...Opened in 1955, the Lou Ehlers showroom was designed by the noted firm of Stiles Clements Associate Architects....The Conservancy and its Modern Committee have long considered the building to be one of the three most significant postwar auto showrooms remaining in Los Angeles, along with Casa de Cadillac in Sherman Oaks and Felix Chevrolet near the University of Southern California’s University Park campus." Hey, LA, haven't you learned anything?