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Goat Munch, Part II: They're Coming to Angels Knoll Park

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Besides being a fun distraction for kids at farmers' markets, goats serve another valuable purpose: They keep the city's overgrown weeds, brush, and plants at bay. Following their service on the hills of the Getty, their next mission is Downtown, specifically the ratty hill in the middle of Angels Knoll Park. Starting Monday and going for two weeks, the goats will munch away at 4th and Hill. This weed abatement solution will run $3,000, a much cheaper alternative than weed-whackers. Oddly, Blogdowntown reports that after the 14-day munch, Billy and his buddies will be "judged on their performance." By Paula Abdul? [Image on left via blogdowntown]

Goats Come to Bunker Hill for
No-Tech, Eco-Friendly Weed Cleanup
CRA/LA Brings 100 Goats September 8 to Graze Angels Knoll

Los Angeles — Goats are the latest addition to Downtown’s renaissance with 100 of the bearded ruminants slated to be put to work at 9 a.m., Monday, September 8 at Angels Knoll at the corner of 4th and Hill streets in downtown Los Angeles.

The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) hit upon using the non-human workforce, which will chow down on weeds, brush and bushes during a two-week stay on the steepest portion of the 2.6-acre site.

“These goats cost us a fraction of what we previously paid to vendors who cleared the hill with weed whackers that spewed heavy smoke and toxic emissions on people walking by,” said Cecilia V. Estolano, CRA/LA’s Chief Executive Officer who will view the goats at 9:30 a.m. Monday. “Plus, using goats for weed abatement supports our green urbanism and open space goals.”

The CRA/LA-owned site is slated for a future, mixed-use office development as the last stage of the California Plaza’s development. Until construction can begin, the lower section of the site is being planted with water-saving California native vegetation. The steepest portion of the site, however, is overrun with hard to reach weeds and brush.

Using the goats – for $3,000 compared to as much as $7,500 for human labor – is a no-tech, eco-friendly and cost-effective cleanup solution. They release no emissions, their dung is a fertilizer and their small hooves help aerate the ground.

The animals come from Ranchito Tivo Boer Goat in Chino. A herdsman will stay with the goats day and night along with private security. At night they will be kept in pens onsite. By day, the fenced site will prevent them from escaping as they graze.

Once the goats have completed their task, the CRA/LA will evaluate their performance. They may be asked to return if future cleanup is needed. But while the animals are here, pedestrians or drivers passing 4th and Hill or Olive streets downtown can get a glimpse of actual “goats in them thar hills.”

Additional work is being done on the site, which will soon have lighting, seating, security fencing, new plantings and decorative concrete paving. Colorful, drought-tolerant plants were selected by lead artist Jacci Den Hartog in collaboration with Ahbe Landscape Architects.

About CRA/LA:

CRA/LA ( is a public agency regulated by the State of California and operating within the City of Los Angeles. It attracts private investment into economically depressed communities to eliminate blight, revitalize older neighborhoods, build housing for all income levels and create and retain employment opportunities. CRA/LA manages 32 redevelopment projects areas and three revitalization areas in seven regions: East Valley, West Valley, Hollywood & Central, Downtown, Eastside, South Los Angeles, and the Harbor.
· CRA To Use Goats to Clear Angels Knoll Hillside [Blogdowntown]