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CurbedWire: Downtown Goats Are Actually Cougars, Fighting the Universal/NBC Project

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DOWNTOWN: More on those downtown goats coming to munch on Angels Knoll Park on Monday as part of that brush clearing effort: That's George Gonzalez, head of Ranchito Tivo Boer Goat Brush Control in Chino, and the goat herder who'll be arriving to spend two weeks downtown. And those are some of his goats. He's bringing 100. "I use female goats who are over their prime," Gonzalez tells us. "They don't make babies anymore. I also use male goats who have been castrated." Jesus, no one is having fun up there, huh, George? We also asked Gonzalez where he sleeps during his two-week herding spell. "In my truck. It's a Chevrolet Silverado." Welcome to Downtown!

UNIVERSAL CITY: "City Councilman Tom LaBonge is taking a stand against the massive planned development at the Universal City Metro stop," writes Damien Newton on his blog Streetsblog. Newton has a letter sent out by the LaBonge informing his constituents that he is against the mixed-used housing development--the letter provides information on where to find the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project and how to comment, ie, complain. [Streetsblog]