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Ask Curbed: Blinded By The Light On the Westside

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There are city ordinances against noise pollution, but are there rules about light pollution? A reader living next to security-conscious neighbors needs to know if she has any recourse against the spotlight shining into her bedroom: "I rent an apartment on the Westside, next to a house owned by its occupants. Over the holiday weekend my neighbors put up some high-intensity security lights which shine right into my bedroom window, making it bright enough to read a newspaper and making sleep nearly impossible. I've asked my landlord to speak to them about the new lighting scheme, on the theory that they will be more inclined to pay attention to a fellow property owner than to a renter (they have so far been at best unfriendly to myself and my fellow tenants) but so far they have been distinctly unsympathetic.

My question is, if they refuse to do anything about the lights (putting them on a motion sensor, putting a hood on them so that they don't shine directly into my bedroom window, etc) what are my options? Are there any laws or ordinances about light pollution in LA that I can avail myself of? Is there an office that I can appeal to? Otherwise this is the apartment of my dreams and I really really don't want to have to move!"
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