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More Digital Billboards Proposed for Downtown

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The LA Times' Phil Willon reports that the city is considering selling the electronic rights of the Los Angeles Convention Center to L.A. Live developer Anschutz Entertainment (AEG), a move that would generate at least $2 million a year initially (the city would also receive a percentage of AEG's net profits). According to city councilwoman Jan Perry, who pushed to create a freeway sign district near downtown, the signs--which presumably could be seen from the 110 and 10 freeways-- wouldn't impact locals; she tells the paper that "lights won't be flashing into people's bedrooms." Not surprisingly, longtime anti-billboard proponent Dennis Hathaway, president of the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight, is vehemently against the idea, telling the Times, in part, that the "public spaces of the city, the visual landscape of the city, belongs to the people of the city. It's not just something for the city to sell off to advertisers."
· L.A. considers selling rights for electronic billboards on Convention Center [LA Times]