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Beaches, Parks, And Now Farmers' Markets? Smoke Free City

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As the city moves to force us into health, a smoke-free LA is looking more and more like a reality, reports David Zahniser in the Los Angeles Times. After banning cigs on beaches in 2002 and public parks last year, the city council's Arts, Parks, Health and Aging committee is zeroing in on restaurants and farmers' markets. Smoking would be prohibited within five feet of outdoor courtyards, patios, or sidewalks that serve eating establishments; areas outside nightclubs and bars would be excluded. There's currently a 45-day reprieve before a final decision is rendered; meanwhile, this move follows all the other anti-smoking legislation as of late (see: Culver City to Santa Monica.) P.S. The city is signing you up for spinning class. (Smoking at the LA City College Cafe on Vermont, pictured by lkunarsky via flickr)
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