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Rumblings and Bumblings Answers: Grove Mystery and Palms Springs Intrigue

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[Neutra's Kaufmann House, Palm Springs]

1) Beverly Grove: As far as the mystery structure at the Grove (just north, on the Grove Drive) between CBS and the Grove: The consensus seemed to be that this is a self-storage facility. "The property is being developed by the A.F. Gilmore Co., the original owner of the Farmers Market, into a self-storage facility."

2) Palm Springs: Earlier this year, the Richard Neutra-designed Palm Springs Kaufmann House sold at a Christie's auction for $15 million--and then the deal was suddenly nixed. No reason was given and Christie's would only release this very cryptic-statement: "The contract has been terminated by the Seller by reason of a breach of its terms by the buyer." "No one knows what really happened," Josiah Hamilton, a real estate agent with Prudential in Palms Springs tells us. "It's all very hush-hush." Believing the whole auction process of the home was an embarrassment to Palm Springs and to architecture, Hamilton doesn't believe that it will go back on the auction block again, or hit the open market. If the owners do decide to sell again, it'll probably be just via a private deal, he guesses.