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CurbedWire: Lautner Talk at Getty, Viridian's Green Sign

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LOS ANGELES: On September 19 and 20, 2008, the Getty Research Institute and the Hammer Museum will host "Against Reason: John Lautner and Post-War Architecture"; according to the press release, it's a symposium "on antirationalism in international architecture during the second half of the twentieth century." Get fired up. The event is organized in conjunction with that recent Hammer Museum's recent exhibition on John Lautner and the two-day symposium includes two related evening conversations, according to the event page. [Curbed InBox]

MID-WILSHIRE: To completely shift gears: New rental development Viridian now is sporting a new green sign. We haven't been inside yet, but this building is at 5659 West 8th Street, and by the same developer as downtown's 717 Olympic. Rents are on the higher end. Photo after the jump.