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Former Beverly Hills Mayor Accused Of Ripping Out Hilton Supporters' Sign

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Driving around Beverly Hills these days, you'll spot a lot of signs--on lawns, on driveways, and on hedges--that read "Yes on H" or "No On H." (All these photos were taken last weekend). The H is representative of the Hilton project, which'll renovate the existing Hilton and add a Waldorf Astoria. Critics worry about traffic and density around Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard; supporters want the millions in revenues that will be generated by the project. And it all heads to the vote this November. Now comes word via the Beverly Hills Courier that former mayor Richard A. Stone, leader of the group fighting the Hilton project, was photographed ripping out "Yes On H" sign off a lawn and throwing the sign in the shrubs. More wackiness and tales of sign-stealing after the jump. UPDATE: Have we been led astray? The paper paints the Mayor as guilty, but see comment #6.

According to the Beverly Hills Courier, Stone was photographed "removing and dumping in the bushes a sign supporting Measure H, the Beverly Hilton Revitalization Plan." The paper has photographic evidence, and set the whole whole slide show to a Bjork song. (!)

Additionally, the Courier spoke with other Beverly Hills residents, who said their "Yes on H" signs have been removed. " Each went “on the record” with The Courier but asked that their names be withheld because of fear of hostility from Measure H opponents. One resident on Maple Drive confirmed that he has had five “Yes on H” signs stolen from his property. He replaced the signs on two occasions only to have them taken again."

Meanwhile, the newspapers reports that they couldn't find a single incident of a "No on H" sign being stolen.
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