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Councilman Reyes Wants To Create "Dodgertown"

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First noted in the Daily News, last week City Councilman Ed Reyes introduced a motion that calls for federal legislation to declare the area around Dodger Stadium "Dodgertown." According to Reyes' press deputy Monica Valencia, the motion requests the postmaster general to redraw the zip code boundary to create Dodgertown. (The area is bounded by Academy Drive to the north, Lookout Drive to the south, Stadium Way to the west and Academy Drive/Solano Avenue to the east.) Part of the push to create Dodgertown is to coincide with the forthcoming Dodger Stadium renovation (construction is now expected to start in late 2009/early 2010). Eh, does that mean any federal dollars could come to help pay for Dodgertown? "No federal money has been identified for Dodgertown," writes Valencia in an email. "The Councilman's motion calls for the Dodgertown boundary and zip code. With this recognition, we hope that it will generate more support for the community and stadium renovations."
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