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Harvard Heights' Craftsman Craps Cash

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Gentrifying gays! Beautiful Craftsman homes! Hollywood invaders! Gretchen Roberts' story on has it all. Back in '84, a male couple bought (for $135,000) and fixed up a 1906 Craftsman in Harvard Heights—the neighborhood south of Koreatown, above North Adams—and waited out the area's rebirth in the late '90s. After working to keep historical touches like original light fixtures, keyhole compartments, and built-in library bookshelves of the six-bedroom house intact, the couple found their house in demand by Hollywood set designers, who've filmed shows, movies, and commercials there. The couple is paid $2,000 for each day of production, $1,000 for the day sets are taken down. "At that rate, one shoot can earn enough money to redo another bedroom," says homeowner Donald Weggeman. "The house is working to pay itself off."
· Star Treatment: A Picture Perfect Hollywood Craftsman [Old House Journal]