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Rumblings & Bumblings: Climate Change in Universal City, West LA Development, More

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Please, if you have an answer or a partial guess, leave a comment or send an email. Your neighbors desperately need answers to these questions. Updates, comments, tips, and general queries are also always welcome. Responses posted this Thursday.

[A hollow building on Pico that was spotted last year.]

1) Universal City: Somebody surely has a copy sitting on their kitchen counter. "The big NBC Universal project on the Metro Red Line station in Universal City is supposed to have a climate change component to its EIR. As a developer (not a NIMBY) I'm interested in seeing this document but can't find it anywhere! I've been able to get my hands on the other portions of the draft EIR but the Climate Change section is no where to be found. Any help?"

2) West LA: This questioner has more info than we do. Anybody else have something to contribute? "Does Curbed have any information on the proposed mixed-use project at Pico and Sepulveda? It is a Casden project, and will have 500 apartments and 265,000 square feet of commercial space."

3) Los Angeles: We found one previously (pictured above), anybody have any others. "I was wondering if anyone at curbed knew about hollow buildings in Los Angeles, that are basically shells that were built around the former site of an oil drill or other chemical processing equipment?"

4) Miracle Mile: A questioner is unhappy with the intersection of Fairfax and 6th. Please, somebody help. "Two comments about this intersection- First off what is with the construction, and when is it going to end. Is it LACMA related? Secondly, there was a lot of police activity at the Jewelry Store on the North West corner of 6th and farifax-was the shop robbed? They were there investigating for hours!"