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CurbedWire: Medallion Construction Check, Vampires At The Landmark

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DOWNTOWN: Sweet pit action. After a stoppage scare in May, Medallion—the Old Bank District's mixed-use in-fill development—moves ahead. The latest construction shot shows work on the underground parking levels. When completed, Medallion will offer 200 apartment units, a retail promenade and a pocket park at 3rd and Main. [Curbed Staff]

WEST LOS ANGELES: Is it terrible that we still haven't been to the Landmark Theater, which opened last year? We've been following the Yelp reviews however. Sample quotes: Love the parking! Bring back the gourmet pretzels! What's on tonight: A special screening of Magnolia Films' Let the Right One, described as a Swedish horror film. (And there are vampires.) Tickets still available. [Curbed Staff]

Old Bank District

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