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BREAKING: Garcetti Goes After Electronic Billboards

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Via Council President Eric Garcetti's office, the following press release just hit the InBox: "During a regularly scheduled meeting of the Los Angeles City Council tomorrow, Council President Eric Garcetti will introduce two resolutions that would address the proliferation of electronic billboards in Los Angeles. One Garcetti motion instructs the City Attorney to review the terms of a settlement between the City of Los Angeles and major billboard companies that resulted in the city allowing the companies to convert traditional billboards to electronic billboards. Garcetti will also introduce a resolution that would put the City of Los Angeles officially on record in opposition to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposal to allow Amber Alert message boards to be used for commercial advertising." Back story on those electronic billboards here and here. In 2006, Garcetti spoke out against billboards in his own neighborhood of Echo Park, but at least some of those billboards are still standing. Neverthless, it'll be interesting to see what Garcetti says tomorrow. [Curbed Inbox]