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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 5: One More Left

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It's the penultimate episode of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing! Will Chad Rogers actually sell something? Will Josh Flagg speak on a phone? Will Madison Hildebrand slip up and say he's attracted to both men and men? On we go...

Josh Flagg's listing for this episode is the home of his former client Pierre, a Frenchman, who is listing his Beverly Hills home. However, Pierre wants his son Reuben to also be on the listing. We smell trouble (no offense to the French). The house: 6,760 sq ft, 4 BD, 6 BA, spacious yard with pool is too big for Pierre and his wife. Pierre wants to list it for $10 million - Josh informs us it sold for $5.6 million a year ago. Josh suggests a sale price of $7 million. They compromise at a listing price of $8.495 million. Most buyers balk at the price during Josh's open house, but during Reuben's open house he gets two offers. As most of us have done all season, Josh finally questions himself and his self-worth as Pierre pushes Josh out of the negotiations. He celebrates his 22nd birthday with a bit of a pity party.

Chad Rogers finally gets the Cuttino Mobley house listing he's been pining for. Chad gets Cuttino to list his estate at $3.995 million in order to lure potential buyers into a bidding war. Meanwhile, Chad's girlfriend Victoria flies away to Texas to think about things. But there's trouble in Cuttino-ville. Water is seeping through the foundation, buckling the floors and there's no easy solution! Contractors arrive and determine that the whole first floor will need to be torn up. No listing for Chad, and no commission. Oh yeah, Victoria decides not to move in with him. His hair looked terrible, too (again). All around, a bad episode for Chad.
Madison Hildebrand takes the night off from his journey of self-discovery. Madison's client Taylor Bloom is another one of those rich ass Pepperdine students who's been given $1 to $1.5 million to purchase a house in Malibu for "21 to 22 year old kids to live in." Taylor's dad, Dennis, flies in from Texas to survey the market. He's amazed that homes in Malibu look like homes in Plano. They finally find something worth looking at - a 2,584 sq. ft., 4 BD, 2 BA hillside home with ocean views listed at $2.795 million. As Madison says, it's "perfect for a college kid." The Blooms offer $2.6 million, no contingencies and a 15-day close. SOLD! Fucking Pepperdine.


Josh Flagg: Pierre to Josh: "You are such a drama queen."

Chad Rogers: To Cuttino Mobley on pricing his house. "I want to see you strike the iron when it's hot. The market's not so hot now, but there's a ton of buyers."

Chad Rogers: Wonders if his girlfriend Victoria is committed to their relationship because she needs time to think about whether she wants to move in with him and his hair and his zip lock bags.

Josh Flagg: Confronted by two lookie-loos who he insults unmercifully behind their back. Big points to Josh for calling out the mustang convertible driving housewives who "waste the broker's time."

Madison Hildebrand: To his client: "That's a nice package. They should respond to that."

Chad Rogers: Surprises girlfriend Victoria upon her return by having her apartment cleaned.

Josh Flagg: Pierre asks Josh Flagg if he's going to a Halloween party or Gay Pride event when Josh shows up to a meeting in sweats. Josh claims his power and water were out at his house so he couldn't dress properly.

Josh Flagg: Celebrates his 22nd birthday with 150 of his friends/family/victims.

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