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Breaking: Treesavers Reportedly Chain Themselves To Ficus Trees

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A reader writes: "Just heard on KFWB that protesters are chaining themselves to trees in SaMo right now." Readers will remember that earlier this year the Treesavers, a pro-ficus group, threatened to chain themselves to ficus trees around 3rd Street (the trees were ultimately cut down). A phone call to the Treesavers indeed reveals that the group planned to come out and protest this morning. The answering machine message on Treesavers founder Jerry Rubin's phone states there is an "Emergency Update... that the city plans to relocate 7 healthy ficus the 1400 block of 4th Street..." He asks that Treesavers supporters come out at 7 am and states these are healthy trees that will likely "not last for long" if they are relocated. [Shot of May ficus carnage] UPDATE: Per comments and per, Rubin got arrested. reports Rubin was arrested for 'resisting or interfering with a police officer,' according to Sergeant Renaldi Thruston."
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