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New To Market: Close to Venice's New Whole Foods

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Given all the excitement about that Whole Foods on Lincoln (it opened yesterday!), let's point you to a new listing--but to a house that's west of Lincoln and below the $1 million mark. The very high prices as of the last year have left us so delusional that anything in the $800,000s in Venice seems rather like a deal (especially in light of that $1 million dog east of Lincoln). More via the listing: "Charming 3 bedroom, 1 bath Traditional on cul-de-sac. Big windows let in plenty of natural light. Spacious master opens to large, private backyrad...Great location near Penmar Golf Course, park and new Wholefoods (coming soon)." UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, this house is east of Lincoln. The listing agent told us it was west of Lincoln.
· 1005 Indiana Avenue [PHS Realty]
· 1005 Indiana Avenue [Redfin]