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Mayor To Unveil Big Affordable Housing Plan Today

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Given that LA is least affordable metropolitan area in the country, and has the largest homeless population in the U.S., Mayor Villaraigosa is expected to unveil a $5 billion, five-year plan for adding more affordable housing to the city, a plan that includes putting developments along subway and bus lines, as well as requiring developers to include affordable housing in projects, reports the Los Angeles Times' Jessica Garrison. Those in favor of such a plan include Silver Lake resident Donna Rodriguez, who spends half her $42,000 a year income on rent, and shares a bed with her 8-year-old daughter. Those opposing the plan include developers who say that the affordable housing requirement element of new projects would "cast a pall over entrepreneurial efforts," while Central City Association's Carol Schatz tells the paper the mayor's policy doesn't work the way it stands. Additionally, downtown residents/blogger/man about town Brady Westwater tells the paper "it'll make housing less affordable for everyone." Unfortunately, we don't get much more explanation from Times on how exactly it'll make housing less affordable.
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