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Week in Review: New Koreatown Mall, Great Republic Opens, NoHo Couch, TransPoll, Silver Lake Goes Digital, 5600's Cubicles

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As you settle into your Saturday, check out some of the top items on Curbed this past week.

KOREATOWN: Koreatown, get ready to spend: Plans were unveiled for a 7-story mall on the site of Wilshire and Vermont. This site was originally supposed to hold a mixed-use project, and it's unclear yet whether or not this new mall will have housing.

DOWNTOWN: More condos, more condos, never enough condos. Unless you can't sell them all. Great Republic Lofts bravely entered the downtown condo market.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Our little couch is now famous on the Internet. The North Hollywood couch that caught a car on its side was named Hot Slut of the Week by D-Listed. That couch's mother must be very proud right now. Go, couch!

LOS ANGELES: High speed rail system or maglev options? In a transportation poll, or a TransPoll, we asked what you would pick. BOTH was the answer.

SILVER LAKE: Silver Lake residents may get kindly mocked for their NIMBYism, but we feel your pain on this one: A digital billboard moved into Silver Lake Boulevard.

MID-WILSHIRE: A tour of new rental building 5600 Wilshire, the original Asshat, revealed an interesting amenity: Work cubicles in the communal business lounge. The whole tour is here.