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M.G. Lord Can't Stop Writing About LA

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M.G. Lord was the writer behind that upbeat article on the Arts District in the July issue of Los Angeles magazine (she lives in Biscuit Lofts), and now she's cropped up again in Travel + Leisure, writing a story that, according to Redfin Sweet Digs, "waxes poetic about downtown, Echo Park and Silver Lake." According to the blog, Lord believes prices on the Eastbound rebounded because first-time home buyers couldn't afford the Westside, so they headed East. That's a refrain that we've heard from Eastside real estate agents, but the Redfin blog takes issue with Lord's assertion: "My husband and I bought in 2000 and could have afforded Culver City, Palms, Mar Vista, and the like. But we didn’t want the west side. We wanted a mixed neighborhood where people could and did walk and mingle, where you weren’t surrounded by Hummers and personal assistants, and where you could find a sense of neighborhood. In other words, we choose the east side, we weren’t forced here." [Redfin Sweet Digs]