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Much-Awaited Downtown Paper Boat Race Results Are In

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The downtown office monkeys came out for yesterday's after-work Psomas Paper Yacht Challenge, a charity event to benefit the Blind Children's Center in Los Angeles. According to the web site for Psomas Engineering, which hosted the event, 49 owners took part in the "charity regatta" at City National Plaza fountain. Looks like happy hour was in full effect, too. The winners: Haiko Blikian, Kiet Nguyen and Erick Millan of DMJM. Also, apparently some boats quickly sunk and were handed the "Titanic" prize. And someone from Gensler, the architecture firm behind a good chunk of new Los Angeles development, won in the "most artistic" category. Could we see a rendering of that boat, Gensler? [All images via Psomas Engineering's web site]
· Psomas Paper Yacht Challenge - 2008 Results [Psomas Engineering]