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New To (Rental) Market: Neutra Apartment in Silver Lake

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Silver Lake resident Dion Neutra, the son of late architect Richard Neutra, is renting out the upper rear apartment in the historic Neutra office building on Glendale Boulevard in Silver Lake. "Preference given to single true Neutra fans," reads the listing. If you're in a relationship and hate Neutra's designs, best be a good liar. More: $1,825, Historic 1BR- Studio Suite w bath and full kitchen at the upper rear of the beautiful historic Neutra office Building, with balcony overlooking luscious foliage of rear garden down below." A view of the whole building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and which at one point was listed for sale for $3.5 million (it still may be), can be found here. The building holds an office and two apartments, according to that listing.
· $1825 / 1br - Classic Neutra Special! [Craigslist]