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The best posts usually originate in our comments. To give appreciation to our amazing (and sometimes angry) commenters we feature their broad strokes of wisdom in a tidy comment roundup.

1) Downtown Boosters: Yo Chuck, They Must Be On the Pipe, Right? "I think the economic downturn will be a good thing for Downtown. The pace of growth was exceeding the reality of the demand. Many of the projects being completed in the next year will not be a success for the developers as $500/sf+ sales prices and $3/sf+ rents are no longer achievable. However as these prices drop, more middle-income people will be attracted to Downtown, making a much more dynamic environment. As land prices drop, it will be important for those living in Downtown to work closely with the City to identify opportunities to expand the park and open space system. The area is severely under-green spaced and without addressing this problem, promoting the 'live,work,PLAY' slogan will be difficult in the next up market. I have faith this issue can be addressed."

2) Reader Rant: Neighborhood With Most Asshole Drivers: West Hollywood "t's always such a breath of fresh air to cross that boundary from west hollywood into LA. those LA drivers are so polite and courteous."

3) CurbedWire: Watts House Project, MOCA Home Tour: "I go crazy on home tours with my bad ass digital SLR with honking wide lens. It's like a porn shoot for me. yeeaaah baby, show me your indoor/outdoor living! I also love snooping on the conversations of snooty home tour weirdos as they critique everything they see. "What a ghastly toilet seat cover". On tours there's always a really fat sweaty lady who opens and shuts kitchen cupboards aggressively. There's also the loner/postal/stamp collector nerd wearing sandals+socks who compares everything to Cliff May homes.

This MOCA tour will have some art collector types. Some trust fund kids, maybe a hedge fund dude ex-Connecticut, a few hollywood writers, big-hair widows. I think the people on home tours are as interesting as the homes."