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BuildingSpotter: Nothing Doing For Old Morrison Hotel

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A reader wonders why the old Morrison Hotel at Hope St. and Pico Blvd. is now boarded up. Actually, reader, "it's been boarded up for two or three years," Dan Daneshrad, the CB Ellis who represents the property, tells us. Still, that reader swears the sign was recently visible, but according to Daneshard, those boards have been up for a while. Ghosts?

According to an old Downtown News article, the 111-unit building was first put for sale by owner San Francisco-based Hope Pico Company in 2004. They remain the owners, but Daneshrad says the building isn't "really" on the market. (Sellers are waiting out the current financial storm.) According to Wikipedia and Doors' message boards, the cover photo for the band's fifth album was taken at the Morrison Hotel; the band posed in the window despite hotel managers' wishes that they not take the photo at the hotel.
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