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Legislation Takes Aim At Our Crappy Sidewalks

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The Daily News reports that the governor's signature is still needed on the Safe and Complete Streets Act, a bill introduced in May by Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento. As part of the bill, sidewalks would be required to be maintained so they can be accessed by bicyclists, the disabled, and kids, among others, according the News, which interviews two local citizens who use wheelchairs and have a tough time navigating our region's lumpy, cracked sidewalks. More on the bill via the official press release: "The Safe and Complete Streets Act would require states that receive federal funding for their road improvement projects to implement complete streets policies. These policies ensure that any new road construction or rehabilitation efforts would accommodate the safety and convenience of all users of the transportation system." Backing such legislation is the national group Complete the Streets, which cites statistics noting that fewer than 15 percent of children walk or bike to school, "often times because sidewalks and bicycle lanes are not accessible." [Image of a place that is not LA via Complete the Streets]
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