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Wilshire and Vermont Mall Rendered: Where Is the Vertical?

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This morning, the LA Times hyped the vertical portion of the mall in its story about that new mall coming to Vermont and Wilshire, but uhm, now it's not looking that ground-breaking. Nor does one feel like they are in Asia, home of those futuristic vertical malls. Via Racked LA, two renderings of the planned 7-story mall that'll go up on the site of that planned--and now canceled--mixed-use housing project. And this $200 million project still could have housing, according to the Times, which notes the development will be done by 2011. In the close-ups of the renderings, the store names are variations of Prada and Gucci, so we're not betting a Target is headed here.

· Malled: Whoa—Potential Seven-Story Vertical Mall at Wilshire and Vermont! [Racked LA]