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The Catch: From The Pages of Penthouse Forum

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What/Where: A two-bedroom, two-bath in Santa Monica looking for a female roommate for $70 a month.

Sounds good, right? The two girls and 1 guy who live here claim the apartment is near the beach, promenade, freeway, has wireless and cable tv and also has a laundry on site.

The Catch: It's only a matter of time before this one gets flagged, but welcome to every Penthouse Forum reader's best masturbatory material: "The 2 girls (us) are sharing the huge master bedroom and the owner's son has the the bedroom (he's a 28yo professional). As for the "catch"... or why is the rent so low?... Almost every night one of us girls goes and spends the night with the guy. Now, you might think this is sick - but he is AMAZING in bed! a wonderful lover! We are so happy we have this situation of low rent and wonderful casual NSA sex. So please, please, don't find this post offensive and don't flag - maybe someone will be interested!"