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LA Bikers: City Not Ready for Bike Sharing

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After witnessing the successful bike sharing program at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, LA city councilwoman Wendy Greuel got inspired to bring a similar system here, reports Streetsblog. But at a city council hearing on the matter yesterday, bike advocates said any money devoted to obtaining a bike sharing program would be better spent on sharrows, bike lanes, and bike parking. Greuel said she doesn't want the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to administer bike sharing—which is already available in cities from D.C. to Paris—but find ways to get it here (there are private companies that offer the service). Even if we can't get it citywide, there's hope dense hoods like Hollywood or KTown could have a few kiosks, or we could offer rent-able bikes to convention-goers Downtown. (Pictured: a bike sharing kiosk in Portland via Treehugger
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