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CurbedWire: Watts House Project, MOCA Home Tour

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WATTS: This Saturday and Sunday is an event for the Watts House Project, described as an "artist-driven urban revitalization initiative" centered around the landmark Watts Towers. As part of the event, "local architects and designers [will] completely overhaul the neighborhood with gorgeous facade enhancements and streetscape improvements, all smartly and ecologically designed to meet the particular needs of the residents themselves." More information here. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: As part of a benefit for MOCA, tours are being led of the Eames house in Pacific Palisades, as well as five other homes on the Westside. Also, Peter DeMaria will give a guided tour of one of his projects. DeMaria! Shipping! Containers! More info here. Tickets are $175, but there are a lot of perks apparently. Wine, boxed lunch, chance to chat w/starchitects, etc, etc. [Curbed InBox]