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Checking Out Wilmington's New Skateboard Park

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While Venice awaits its skate park, Wilmington will unveil its own skate park this weekend at the Ambassador Skate Plaza at 325 Neptune Ave., reports the Daily Breeze's Donna Littlejohn. More description of what it'll look like via Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn: "Skateboarders like to skate in front of libraries and on railings," Hahn tells the Breeze. "So we're building them a complete replica of a front of a building." Additionally, spohnranchskatepark's flickr set has photos of the park, as well as explanation of the park itself that are decipherable only to those who hear the siren call of the skateboard. Example: "The circular central plaza gives this small park excellent flow, providing riders speed to hit the surrounding barcelona wall, DWP benches and skateable art pieces."
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