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Beverly Hills Avalon Hotel Getting A Little Work Done

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Kor Hotels, flush with a cash infusion from Abu Dhabi, is planning a renovation for its Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. Say goodbye to all that white, and get ready for - gasp! - color (as opposed to SLS Hotel, getting whiter and whiter). The makeover, slated to be completed sometime in early 2009, will be done by designer/reality TV star/tutu enthusiast Kelly Wearstler. Via Hotelchatter: "For the guest rooms, the color palette is an airy mix of sea greens and aquatic blues juxtaposed with organic materials, such as bleached woods and crisp marbles, and modern touches, including bold, geometric patterns and a mix of 1970s and 1980s inspired pieces, specially commissioned by Tofter Chin."
· It's Official: The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills Will Get a Makeover [Hotelchatter]