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Inside the Asshat: Touring 5600 Wilshire

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Tours are now going on at the original Asshat, 5600 Wilshire, that new rental development going up on Wilshire Boulevard, and a project that's been tracked on the site for a while. One interesting element: There are "offices" in the business lounge where residents can work from. Nice touch. As for the rest of the project, you be the judge, but we left disappointed. Granted, everyone else on the tour seemed very pretty fired about the building. In the gallery: A one-bedroom unit, priced in the $2,000s and up (there are various discounts going on as well as extras, like the melon-colored accent wall that costs $150), the courtyard (furniture still coming), the lounge and the sales office. As the tour guide pointed out, there's another project--like this one--that'll replace the Bank of America at Wilshire and La Brea.
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