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City's Guerrilla Gardening Not Likely To Be Shut Down

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Given that it seems like weedy, unused lots are featured every day on the site, it's worth pointing you to today's DnA show, an episode which has KCRW host Frances Anderton interviewing members of the Guerrilla Gardeners. Transforming unused, public space into gardens (like that strip on Wilton featured above), the group has gotten support from community members (as well city council members). "It's pretty much bring your plants, and we'll plant them," one of the members tells Anderton. Also featured on the show: Venice resident Jay Griffith, a sort of Johnny Appleseed who has been planting trees across the city. And the short answer from an urban planner as to why it's up to residents--rather than the city--to do this beautification work? The city is too big, there are many agencies, and no one agency is in charge of overseeing LA's public space. [Image via]
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