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CurbedWire: Organic Bus in LA, Orsini III Flaunts It

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ECHO PARK: We watched in horror as the WhoFarm bus pulled into a Taco Bell/KFC on Glendale Boulevard, then realized it was just using the parking lot to do a U-turn. "TheWhoFarm (aka The White House Organic Farm Project) is a non-partisan, petition-based initiative to respectfully request that our 44th President oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House." It's touring the country and is apparently in LA. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Orsini III now has signage up announcing that it is "Coming Soon." The under-construction, mixed-use rental/retail development is rising on the northeast corner of Figueroa Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue--the building is forever cursed for going up on the burial grounds of the old BBQ King.[Curbed Staff]