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Rumblings & Bumblings: Work at the Grove? Buy a Neutra House?

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Welcome back from your three day weekend. Please contribute and offer your words of wisdom in response to these two questions. Please leave a comment or email us at Answers, if any, posted on Thursday.

[Neutra's Kaufmann House, Palm Springs]

1) Beverly Grove: "What's being built next to the parking structure at the Grove (just north, on the Grove Drive) between CBS and the Grove? I'm thinking its an extra parking structure, but maybe Caruso's also going to add condos finally to The Grove? Or maybe a combo of parking/condos?"

2) Palm Springs: "...does anyone know what happened to the sale/auction of the Kaufmann house in Palm Springs? I know you reported it fell through, but is the house back on the market? Any news?"

The Grove

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