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Nice Piece of Chinatown About To Hit Market

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Live/Work, Part II. Here's a chance for you to live upstairs, run your gallery downstairs, and help transform this stretch of Chinatown into whatever manner you see fit. This is 943 N. Hill Street, located just a few stumbling steps from the Mountain Bar, and close proximity to those pretty spectacular residential renovations above Chung King Rd. The nice people at The Value of Architecture/Deasy & Penner break down the 3,800-square feet of the listing after the jump; this place will hit the MLS on Thursday. UPDATE: It's listed going to be listed at $895,000. Does that seem cheap?

1,200 s.f. apartment (2 bedroom)
1,200 s.f. art gallery
200+ s.f. mezzanine (gallery office)
1,200 s.f. basement (presently being used as a ceramic studio with kiln,
potters wheels, etc.)
TOTAL: 3.800 square feet.