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CurbedWire: Tallest Water Feature in Studio City, Downtown Paper Boat Race

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STUDIO CITY: A developer is boasting that Southern California can claim the nation’s tallest residential water feature in a condominium. Woo-hoo! "This eye-catching feature is set amidst the courtyard of the new Villa Veneto in Studio City, CA, a twenty-two condominium building...the waterwall (pictured) was designed by Villa Veneto developer Alle Ghadban...Stretching four-stories tall, the design allows for the water to ‘hug’ the quartzite stone face which is accentuated by patina-finished, copper shrouds. The innovative solution, designed by Ghadban with contractor Patrick Lowrey, has effectively eliminated the ‘splash factor’ that typically accompanies falling water." [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Like a chapter out of Stuart Little, there's an upcoming paper boat race. Specifically, the Psomas Paper Yacht Challenge, which will be held at the City National Plaza fountain later this month. According to the Downtown News, "participants will have to construct their yacht entirely from paper; propellants can be rubber bands, but cannot be chemical or electrical." All proceeds go to the Blind Childrens Center; reservations are currently being accepted. [Downtown News]