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Scandal! Tuna Pizza Developer Claims Bribery

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An update on that planned--and completely stalled condo project--in Temple City mentioned way back in April 2007: The Piazza Las Tunas project (now known as the Piazza at Temple City condos) is embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with the project's developer Randy Wang accusing city officials of bribery, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune's Alfred Lee. Included in the complaint are allegations that "officials made a specific request for $3,000 from Wang, which he was instructed to deliver in an envelope at an Arcadia private school." Plus, in the suit, Wang says he was taken advantage of because he is a "handicapped local resident whose primary language is not English," according to the paper. City officials deny the claim; also, they sued Wang for essentially not moving the project forward.
· Developer claims Temple City officials asked for bribe [SGVT]