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Reader Rant: (PARK)ing Day Ignored in the Valley

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Even though maps were handed out indicating where (PARK)ing spots--all part of that (PARK) ing day--would be held, a reader only encountered evil bottled water. Are there really no events to be found in the Valley? She writes: "I was looking forward to PARKing day this year, even if a pitiful few of the sites were in the valley, where I work. I took the addresses of the 3 in the valley with me to work and headed out over my lunch hour to visit them. The one I did find was on Van Nuys Blvd in Pacoima and was little more than a tent set up in the street with a few big tables. They were handing out plastic water bottles.

I jumped on the freeway to visit the one on Ventura Blvd - only to find absolutely nothing. Every parking space I saw near the listed address was filled with a car or SUV. I then headed over to the address on Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood, near the arts district, only to encounter the same situation - absolutely no sign of anything resembling a park, but cars and SUVs galore. So I headed back to work, feeling like I'd been cheated out of my PARKing day experience.

Here's the thing - there's real issues about park space in the valley. Sun Valley, for example, has a landfill and tons of industrial space but very few parks. Why can't these fancy architect people take over spaces out in communities that don't have the income and the spare time to make a park in their own parking spaces? It was very disappointing to see the Valley get so little attention. When Pacoima - a very poor community that's predominately latino - is leading the way, that's a pretty odd situation."
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