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Reader Rant: Downside of Rich Friends

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A Curbed family member is upset and thinking too much, perhaps: "I’m just thinking of this wealthy friend that I have, an extremely sweet and nice guy who used to work at Countrywide. Worked his ass off, getting up at 4 am to be up for the East Coast markets. He had an amazing house in Brentwood, and every summer, we all went to his house to swim in his pool and have parties at his house. He was our rich friend, always paying for everything. He got laid off, of course, and I don’t know where he is working. But I know he felt guilt about his role at Countrywide. He wasn’t high up enough to really know the exact details of the shadiness at Countrywide, but he knew on some levels. And now I’m thinking about my stock portfolio and wondering how much of this I should be blaming on my friend." [Curbed InBox]