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Preservation Alert: Will Manhattan Beach Ellwood Bank Meet The Wrecking Ball?

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A rumor has surfaced on the Lotta Living forums that a Craig Ellwood designed bank on 18th and Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach may be heading for a "makeover." Posts one commenter: "Long story short, I met with the current bank manager of one such building that Craig Ellwood designed and had built in 1958. The manager was a little curious why I took such an interest in the current Citizen's Bank building as I had my Nikon camera in my hands. He said that a number of local residents wanted 'something done to the exterior' to 'bring it up to current standards'. The bank is looking into perhaps demolishing the front of the building." The LA Conservancy's Modcom committee is looking into the possibility of nominating the building for landmark status at the state level, since Manhattan Beach's relatively new preservation ordinance only allows for the building owner to nominate a building. Tough week for banks, large and small. [Image of Ellwood bank via Lotta Living].
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