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Downtown's Evo, Part II: Pool Inspection, Streetscape Improvements

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After a tour of the units at downtown's Evo South, here are some shots of the amenities, including that nice-looking pool, which looks to be at least five feet deep. Also, earlier this year, Evo South's developer South Group won an award from the Los Angeles Business Council for its streetscaping around South Park and, not surprisingly, similar work has been done here: In this shot, you'll see a new walkway/area behind the building--this space will open to the public during the day and could be used for events, according to Evo's sales and marketing agent Rhonda Slavik. Also in the gallery: The under-construction gym, shared spaces, bars, and more than a few construction men.
· Market Be Damned, Downtown's Evo South Is Here [Curbed LA]

Evo South

1155 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA